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Since I entered the practice of law, I have seen vast changes in the laws and statutes of the State of Michigan and in the federal legal system. I have been providing legal counsel to the citizens of Lansing, Mt. Pleasant and surrounding communities for over 35 years. Never before have I seen such a need for a complete understanding of the rapidly changing landscape of the law.

The criminal legal system has become more and more complex and challenging with the advent of greater use of technology and aggressive prosecution of DUI and other offences that were not so strictly enforced in the past. It is becoming increasingly important to have a capable attorney.

This year alone many new criminal statutes were enacted creating new areas of criminalization of behavior with penalties that range from misdemeanors to felonies. These new statutes can result in imprisonment. DNA sampling and maintenance of DNA in databases has been greatly expanded in this new legislation for future reference and prosecution. Public Acts 442, 446, 463, 465 and 468, of 2008 establish new penalties for moving violations that seriously injure or kill another person. Public Act 192 of 2008 allows a judge or magistrate to order a person to wear a global positioning device as condition of bond for a person accused of domestic violence. Publics Acts 519-521 and 577 of 2008 include new factors that constitute child abuse whereby knowing that you have placed a child at an unreasonable risk of harm can result in imprisonment and 5 years of probation.

One example of a recent statutory enactment against drunk driving is the “Super Drunk Law”, became effective in October of 2010. This new statute creates a new category for drunk driving convictions. If your blood / alcohol content is 0.17 or above, and you are convicted, you will lose your license for 90 days. You will be subjected to jail time of up to 180 days and mandated to participate, and successfully complete a substance abuse program for at least one year. Your driver's liscense will be suspended for one year with elgibilitly for a restricted liscense after an initial hard suspension (no driving privileges) of 90 days. A restricted liscense when available will use a breath/alcohol interlock device (BAIRD) which will be installed on your vehicle. This device must be used for the balance of the minimum period of suspension of one year. This statute will also include the previously enacted penalties for other alcohol related offenses; including the payment of a yearly “bad driver penalty” to the State of Michigan for two years to maintain your driver’s license. Other ramifications follow that include higher insurance rates and points on your driver’s license. Needless to say the consequences of such a conviction are dramatic.

Standing alone, without an aggressive legal defense, leaves the accused at a serious disadvantage in defending his/her legal rights. Our offices have vigorously represented the accused for over 35 years. Our pledge to our clients is an aggressive defense to insure justice.

We provide an aggressive defense in the area of criminal law, drunk driving, MIP, driver’s license restoration.

Further, we maintain a civil trial practice that includes family law/divorce, child neglect, wills & probate law and real estate.

If you feel that we can be of assistance in a time of need for aggressive legal representation, please call at us at our Mt. Pleasant or Lansing offices.

William J. Campbell, J.D.